This is the official website for the World Championships for Student Folk Big Bands. Unfortunately most of the site is only in Swedish but this is an attempt to summarize the info in English.

What is a Student Folk Big Band?

In Scandinavia there is a phenomenon called Spelmanslag. A spelmanslag is a group of folk musicians playing together, the group is free for anyone to join and since the fiddle is the dominating instrument in scandinavian folk music, fiddles are dominating almost all scandinavian spelmanslag. A studentspelmanslag is a spelmanslag consisting mainly of students and is usually connected to a university or similar. It's very hard to translate studentspelmanslags-VM to english, the World Championships for Student Folk Big Bands is my best suggestion. We believe that there are groups in other countries that are similar to scandinavian studentspelmanslag. Let's summarize.

A studentspelmanslag:

  • Consists of at least 5-10 people.
  • Has some kind of connection to a school.
  • Is a dynamic organisation and not really a band with a fixed set of members.

If you have a group that is fulfilling these criterias we would like to welcome you to Linköping in october

What are the World Championships for Student Folk Big Bands?

The World Championships for Student Folk Big Bands is an attempt to gather all studentspelmanslag and determine which one is the best in the world. Another aim for the competition is to strengthen the international studentspelmanslag culture.

The main rules of the competition are easy. All teams plays three tunes, the audience is dancing and a jury consisting of three skilled folk musicians determine which team is the best.

Please check the history page for videos with examples of how a studentspelmanslag might sound and look

For further information please send an email to vmgeneral [at] folkmusik [dot] nu .


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